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Wadebridge Primary Academy   Spring Term 2 Art

Posted 23/02/2024
by Lindsey Smerdon

Year 3 Cave Art 

Year 3 have had a busy start to Spring Term 2 - but what fun we have had!
3W welcomed Mrs Stephenson and Mrs Smerdon. Mrs Stephenson will be working on a Mon and Tuesday and Mrs Smerdon will be in class on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 
They are looking forward to getting to know the children and meeting parents later in the term. 

We have had an Art focus this week in our Wider Curriculum lessons around the topic of the Stone Age. The children spent time studying some Cave Art images before having a go and recreating them in sketch books focusing on colour, tone and use of space. We then tea stained pieces of Art paper before adding our Cave Art designs to them. I am sure you will agree that they look fantastic!
Next week we will have a History focus  based around the Romans. 

Upcoming Dates 

St Piran’s day - Tuesday 5th March Non-uniform black, white, gold. 

World Book Day – Thursday 7th March ‘Bedtime Stories’ theme. Pjs , teddy and favourite book. 

Comic Relief – WB 11th March

Bake off! Kids to bring in bake off entries on Monday (with list of ingredients) Bake sale 


Polperro Primary Academy   Penahllow Blog 23.2.2024

Posted 23/02/2024
by Karen Taylor

A fabulous 
first week back in Penhallow!


Polperro Primary Academy  

Posted 23/02/2024
by Emily Randle

Another busy week has flown by in Chaipel. The children who want to submit their poem to the Fowey Young Writer's Competition have written up their best copy ready for the school to submit them next week. Good Luck!!

On Monday, we were lucky enough to have a TEAMS meeting with a lovely school in Ors, Northern France. We asked each other about how  similar/different our lives are and are looking forward to becoming pen pals. Y5 and Y6 found out that the French children start school at 8:30 and stay till 4pm but are only in school for 4 days a week. They don't wear uniform, have a one and a half hour lunch break and 4 courses for lunch, and learn English every day.

Year 6 have been sitting practice papers for their upcoming SATs and the Year 5s have been amazingly supportive. We really do have a lovely class! 

Chaipel have completed their investigation into WW2 by spending the afternoon producing their end of unit assessments. They had the choice of producing a written double-page spread or using ICT to produce a PowerPoint to showcase their learning. They have all done incredibly well and their work shows just how much they have learnt about the war.

That's all from Team Chaipel. Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday.

Miss Randle, Mrs Clary and Miss Gilbert.


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy   New wet weather gear

Posted 23/02/2024
by Ruth Smith

Nursery are extremely grateful to Brunel Friends Association for buying us several new sets of wet weather clothing!

We try to get outside whatever the weather but sometimes our old wet weather gear let the rain in, which wasn't very comfortable!

Now we can play happily outside even in the rain; we especially like finding the puddles!


St Cleer Primary Academy   23rd February 2024

Posted 23/02/2024
by Jenifer Kite


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy   Wonderful Weather!

Posted 23/02/2024
by Katie Grinsted

A week of rain and tornado (in science)!

Tregantle class has been all about the weather this week! We've had lots of rainy days  - but this certainly hasn't held us back! Our year 1 children carried out two experiments to help us understand more about the weather. Firstly, we made a 'tornado in a jar.' This consisted of water, washing up liquid, food colouring, a tightly screwed on lid and rapid circular movements! The results were impressive and showed us exactly how a tornado works. Next it was time to make a rain cloud. We did this with a jar of water and shaving foam on the top. We them poured in a little food colouring and watched carefully as it burst from the 'cloud' showing how rain happens. 
Continuing with our learning about cold places, Tregantle have begun to learn a new journey story called 'Poles Apart.' It's all about some penguins who get lost and end up in the North Pole! A friendly polar bear helps them find their way home via several other countries! We are really looking forward to writing our own journey stories over the next few weeks.
The EYFS children have been enjoying some early signs of spring. Our bank in front of the school is covered with beautiful daffodils which we have been using as inspiration for painting and modelling. We have also seen some fantastic writing throughout the week. The children are becoming really independent in their writing and have be writing for a whole range of different purposes.   


Looe Primary Academy  

Posted 23/02/2024
by Rebecca Hughes

Spring 2 - Week 1 

Well, what a wonderful first week back at school we have had! Spring 2 has started with such enthusiasm for the children.

Our big question for this half term is: What’s it like to be an explorer? We have been exploring Polar regions and the explorer Robert Scott.

This week in English the children have been exploring acrostic poems. We explored a poem with the focus words SOUTH POLE. We read this poem and explored the features of an acrostic poem. We learnt actions to help us recall the poem.

We then thought of our own acrostic poem (HUGO) and explored lots of different acrostic poems. The children then explored lots of different adjectives linked to polar regions and wrote planned and write their own acrostic poem with the focus word ARCTIC.

In maths year ones have been exploring doubles, near doubles and subtraction facts using their number bond knowledge.

The foundation children have also been exploring doubles and combining two groups.

In PE this week we have started dance and are exploring a penguin dance to fit our explorer topic.

The year 1’s have also been exploring Henri Matisse in art, Sukkah in RE and beginning to explore plants in Science. We have been super busy this week!

The foundation children have also enjoyed exploring all about Robert Scott, looking at polar region books, looking at polar animals and making arctic scenes. They have also enjoyed being explorer in our explorer role play area and so much more!

We have had a wonderful first week. 

Have a great weekend

Foundation /year 1 team.





Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy   w/e 23/2/24

Posted 23/02/2024
by Sara Mckillop

A highlight from this first week back after half term has to be the Whitsand 'Machine' dance. Watch Y4 perform their final dance piece to you below. They have spent lessons perfecting their machine-like moves and ideas to create this wonderful final piece. Well done, Whitsand class - I'm so proud of you!


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy  

Posted 23/02/2024
by Sara Mckillop

w/e 9/2/24

What a busy, final week to this half term!

Monday we had our Safer Internet Week assembly to start us off, where we learned loads about Artificial Intelligence - AI!
Tuesday was Archie day, and we dressed up as scarecrows and paraded round St Anne's!
On Tuesday, we also shared in a Live Lesson for Safer Internet Day. 
On Thursday, it was 'Love Yourself' Day, which always a fantastic day, celebrating how fantastic each and every person is!
We also enjoyed our class reward - teddies and iPad!
PLUS - we finished painting our amazing Greek clay pots!

Have an amazing half term break, everyone!


Polperro Primary Academy   Talland's Class Blog 23.2.24

Posted 23/02/2024
by Ben Heasman-Langley

Talland's Class Blog 23.2.24

Happy Spring Term 2 everyone!

A few throw backs from Spring Term 1 (obstacle course with our class made wobble bots and some incredible art inspired by Ashwin Harrison)!

We've kick started this week with lots of enthusiasm. Talland are excited to get our teeth into our newest enquiry question: ‘How have our lives been changed by the Victorians?’ We've looked at lots of vocabulary and created a time line of major historical events during the Victorian Era. From this, children have chosen their favourite significant events. These are the areas we will research throughout our history lessons.

The year 4's have been dividing 2 and 3-digit numbers by 1 digit numbers (96 divided by 4 OR 397 divided by 3). It certainly got tricky when there were remainders involved. Why not get your child to give these a go...
The year 5's have been completing the second unit of fractions. They have been multiplying fractions and I hope they are looking forward to their post assessment next week. I can't wait to see how much progression they have made. 

We are going to write our own newspaper reports. Therefore, this week we have been immersing ourselves with newspaper articles. An article about Oliver Twist has caught our attention. Why not ask your child what the newspaper report is about...

PE continues to be on a Monday (Ball Skills) and on a Tuesday (Gymnastics). We've been having fun working in pairs to create balances in gymnastics and testing out our new netball posts during our ball skills lesson. 

It's been a great week and I'm excited for next week - lots of fun activities planned!

We hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Over and out from Mr. Langley, Mr. Bishop and Mrs. Hodge.


Wadebridge Primary Academy  

Posted 23/02/2024
by Paula Reeve

Spring 2 - Week 1 - Back with a bang! 

On Wednesday, the girls were out of school taking part in ‘Our Girls Can’. They had a full day of sports, including archery, dance and laser tag. The boys stayed in school and completed a number of STEM challenges. They carried out a test of reactions and recoded the data. They were then challenged to complete the ‘egg drop’ where they engineered a carrier that would protect an egg when dropped from a height.

We’ve started a new unit of learning in English focusing on the book ‘Darwin’s Dragons’. This book links to our wider curriculum learning: evolution and inheritance. So far, we’ve made predictions and inferences and written a setting description of the Galápagos Islands.

This week, we’ve been learning how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. It’d great to bring all their knowledge together and we’re super impressed with their work ethic.

We’ve continued with our Lino prints – the children have finished carving their designs and have begun to experiment with printing. Tt’s been great to see the children challenging themselves to complete two colour prints.

Our PE day is now Thursday so please ensure children come to school in their PE kit on that day. This half term, the children will be doing Fitness with Mrs Reeve and Hockey with Miss Johnston.

For homework this week, children need to complete: Homophone (pages 96 & 97 in their SPaG books and Equivalent Fractions and Decimals and Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (pages 37, 38 & 39) in their maths books. Please encourage your children to bring their completed homework books back into school as every Friday we talk through the correct answers and give out the next week's sections to be completed. 

Next Wednesday is the Boys Active day!

Enjoy you weekend!
Best wishes,
The Year 6 Team


Wadebridge Primary Academy   Flanges, Map Symbols and Experiments!

Posted 23/02/2024
by Luke O Dwyer

Busy Bees!

This week Year 2 starting practising different techniques of folding and joining materials. They were introduced to the ‘Flange’ – A flange is a part or edge that sticks out from an object in order to keep the object in position, strengthen it, or attach it to another object. First, we explored making prisms, cuboids and cylinders out of paper. We then had a go at making a flange and attaching it to other bits of paper to make it sturdy. The children are now ready to start their Dioramas next week – if you have yet to drop in a show box, please do so on Monday.

As well as all the DT fun, we set up a science experiment! We have planted seeds but each pot has different conditions. 1 – has water, soil, light and the right temperature, 2 – has no soil, 3 – has no water, 3 – has no light and 4 – is in the fridge! We are going to keep a weekly diary on any growing progress! 

In PE we started our new units – Dance and OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities). In dance the children took on the role of cats, and explored different movements and levels. In OAA they were introduced to Orienteering and went on a map symbols hunt around the playground. Safe to say, a lot of fun was had!

Please note, our Eden trip is fast approaching. If you haven’t returned your slip, please do so next week. Payment via ParentPay should be on your child’s account.

You should have also received an email regarding a Rainforst Café – Wednesday 20th March, 2pm. There will be an assembly then the children will invite you into their classroom and show you their work from this term. Their will be refreshments to purchase and all money raised will go towards Rainforest animal conservation projects.

Keep up with the reading and spelling practise, and we will see you next week!

The Year 2 Team.


Darite Primary Academy   Spring 2 enquiry question and homework menu

Posted 23/02/2024
by Vicky Lake


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy   Week ending 23.02.24

Posted 23/02/2024
by Helen King

H1 HeaA busy week.

We have all been very busy in Lantic Class this week.  We have been making equal groups by sharing in our maths lessons.

In Science we learnt about the weather and climate and then we made rain clouds and tornados in jam jars! AMAZING!!

In Art this week, we have started learning about sculptures and made our own very simple sculptures of a bird.  


Wadebridge Primary Academy  

Posted 23/02/2024
by Sorrel Beckett

Spring 2 - Week 1 - Giving you a piece of their 'ART'... 


In English this week, we have begun our new learning journey using the text ‘The Shark Caller’ by Zellah Bethell. Throughout the learning journey, the children will cover a range of skills and knowledge in order to write a recount. The children will have the opportunity to explore a range of grammatical aspects as well as writing in a range of genres. To begin the journey, we used our VIPERS skills to unpick and understand the text. The children listened carefully to the prologue and from this answered a variety of VIPERS questions, using evidence from the text to support their answers. In the second lesson, the children were predictors. The used the books front cover, blurb, glossary and map to make predictions about the novel’s 3 different parts. Again, the children used evidence to support their answers. Next, the children had a SPAG focus, for this lesson their explored word families focusing on prefixes and suffixes using words from the text to create sentences. Next week, the children will explore the character and write character descriptions.


This week, we continued with our decimals learning journey. The children explored thousandths into decimals, thousandths on a place value chart and rounding to the nearest whole. The children have used manipulatives to support their learning and some children have been going out with Mrs Berridge and it’s lovely to see the excitement when they address a misconception. Mrs Callister has also been preparing us for fractions and percentages by putting it in our morning work! On Friday, the children were given an arithmetic paper and a reasoning paper. With their teacher, they worked their way through the booklets, making notes, asking questions, selecting best methods etc. From this, they then set themselves a target!

Wider Curriculum

In Wider Curriculum, we have begun our Art learning journey, looking at the artist Kandinsky. Throughout the learning journey the children will explore a range of media in order to create a final piece. To begin the journey, the children looked at mark making. They were given a range of objects from pine cones, to polystyrene, to buttons and more. With this object the children experimented making marks on the page. They used paint and pens to do this. Next, they selected 4 of their favourite marks and 3 they didn’t like as much and placed them in their sketch books. They thought consciously about the placement and layout before annotating with steps, thoughts and feelings.

Important dates:

·      Book fair – WB: 26th February 2024 (All week)

·      St Piran’s day – Tuesday 5th March 2024 – Children to wear Non-uniform black, white, gold

·      World Book Day – Thursday 7th March 2024 - ‘Bedtime Stories’ theme. Children to wear Pjs and bring a teddy and their favourite book


A great start to a new term!

Have a lovely weekend,

Best Wishes,

The Year 5 Team 


Duloe C of E Primary Academy   Big World Fair

Posted 23/02/2024
by David Hannah


St Cleer Primary Academy   I would walk 500 miles...

Posted 23/02/2024
by Thomas Hazlewood

I would walk 500 miles (or steps)

LIt has been an excellent start back to the new half term.  We're well under way with our new Learning adventure looking at the importance of water on Earth, have started learning about the important grammatical features in instruction texts and have mastered long multiplication in maths.  However, the highlight of the week so far has been creating step counters using the Micro:bits.

We learned that the Micro:bits have something called an 'accelerometer' in them which senses when the Micro:bit is moving.  We were challenged to write an algorithm which would allow us to use the Micro:bits as step counters.  At first we were a bit daunted by the scale of the challenge but with a little bit of determination we were able to create effective step-counters.

We are looking forward to seeing what else we can program the Micro:bits to do!


Darite Primary Academy   Enquiry Spring 2

Posted 23/02/2024
by Carmel Alberts

Welcome back to Spring 2! This term our enquiry question is 'What are the features of Brazil?' We will embark on an exciting journey to explore the vibrant tapestry of Brazil and its rich features. We will delve into the enchanting landscapes, diverse cultures, and fascinating traditions that make Brazil truly unique.
We have visitors joining us from The Blue Cross, East Cornwall Search and Rescue this term and lots of exciting days planned including a trip to a natural ecosystem in Cornwall, World Book Day and Break the rules day!!
Wild Tribe will run as three sessions this term on the 1st, 8th and 15th of March.
We are looking forward to immersing ourselves in this captivating topic of learning and discovery together, please keep checking the website to see the children's exciting work!
Homework, Literacy Learning Journey and the Topic Web for Brazil have all been added to the website so please have a look if you want to know what your child is learning.


Wadebridge Primary Academy   Spring 2, Week 1.

Posted 23/02/2024
by Katie Elkins

Despite the endless rain this week, we have made a great start to the second half of the Spring Term and the school has been full of energy and enthusiasm!

The children have returned to school well and attendance is looking better this week with a percentage of 95%. We are getting closer and closer to our whole school target. RW have wowed us with 100% attendance (Mon-Thu). Go RW! 

On Wednesday, the Year 6 Girls took part in Our Girls Can. The day aimed to promote diverse, challenging activities and develop girl’s confidence in and through sport. They completed three different sessions: archery, laser tag and dance. 7 primary schools in the area also took part, so it was an excellent opportunity to meet other girls from other schools that will also be going to Wadebridge School in September. The girls really enjoyed the day and they did us proud - fully taking part in every activity and giving it their all in the final dance performance!

This week my Headteacher's award has gone to Eliot for impressing us with his determination to continually improve his writing and Sidney for being a great role model. As we look towards the End of KS2 Assessments, Miss May has been supporting the children to identify their next steps to improve their writing. Our Y6 cohort is made up fantastic children (and staff!) who are working incredibly hard to achieve their absolute best. Well done Year 6! 

Next week I am looking forward to taking groups of children down to the Town Hall for the Wadebridge Speech and Music Festival. I will keep you posted with how we get on! 

Please do have a read of the blog below for the many, many events taking place this term. 

Best wishes, 

Mrs Lee- Elkins 
Acting Headteacher 


Looe Primary Academy   Helping to open the Looe Police Station Enquiry Office

Posted 22/02/2024
by Janine Waring

I was invited to attend the official opening of the Looe Police Station Enquiry Office and I was delighted to be able to take one of our Year 6 pupils with me.  We met Alison Hernandez who is the Police Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall and the Acting Chief Constable, Jim Colwell as well as many of the police officers and local councillors and people who give their time and skills to make Looe the wonderful place that it is.  Our pupil was asked if she would like to cut the ribbon and she was delighted to be asked.  It is a very proud moment when one of our pupils is able to talk so well and enjoy the company of people who are important to our lives and who welcomed her as a very valued member of our community.  It was a lovely event!


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