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Governance Summary

Overview of how the Trust is governed

There are three tiers of governance for the Trust. The top two tiers – Members and the Board of Trustees – are required by the Articles of Association.

The third tier – Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) – are optional but the Board sees local governors as having an important role and each Trust school has an LGB.

Members – guard the values and ethos of the Trust; and monitor the activities of the Trust to ensure it is providing best value for parents, children and the wider community.

Trustees – set the strategic direction for the Trust; hold the Trust to account for its outcomes for students; and oversee the work of the executive officers.

Governors – have delegated responsibilities as described in the Scheme of Delegated Governance Functions.

Committees – the Trust has a Resources Committee and an Audit Committee.

Trust Board:

Cheryl Hill - Chair

  • Retired Business manager with 26 years' experience in IBM, possessing extensive services expertise in complex, high risk contracts.
  • Experience of negotiating service levels, resource and contractual terms with executive management.
  • Had responsibility for the risk management process across the IBM services portfolio and development of an integrated governance process with business line executives.
  • Experience of leading and motivating large teams of people.
  • Highly regarded as a mentor of a wide range of professionals.
  • Secondary School Maths Teacher for a number of years.
  • Since retirement held position as Vice Chair of Governors of a small rural community school in Cornwall.

Jane McFall - Joint Vice Chair / Member

  • Business Relationship Manager for Scomis Devon County Council ICT Support Service Team for Schools.
  • Ex-Cornwall Learning lead consultant for e-safety, CEOPS Ambassador & SWGfL 360 e-Safety Mark Assessor.
  • Ex-Chair of South West Grid for Learning.
  • Consultant in personnel and staffing structures, disputes and mediation.
  • Qualified to Level 3 Safeguarding and Child Exploitation.

Maria Ashurst - Joint Vice Chair / Chair of Finance

  • 15 years of governance experience – Finance & Personnel, wellbeing and safeguarding, standards and curriculum.
  • Currently Chair of large primary school.
  • Experience in early years’ development and education, strategic development, planning and management.
  • Involved in the development and implementation of strategic partnerships for community and family development programmes.
  • Representative for the community and voluntary sector on the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership in Plymouth.
  •  Management experience within public, voluntary and private sector.

Mr Viv Swift - Associate Trustee

  • Independent Financial Advisor.
  • Director of IFA practice in Cornwall.
  • Previous experience in the corporate banking sector.

Judith Goodchild

  • Experience in the nuclear industry and science projects in education.
  • 17 years as a management consultant and lead Ofsted inspector.
  • Involved in the voluntary service principally as a magistrate for 18 years being Chair of the family courts.
  • Governor at Musgrove Park Hospital and member of the commissioning board for a new hospital.

Colin McLean - Chair of Audit

  • Chief Executive of Best Practice Network – responsible for the strategic management and leadership of the company.
  • A strategic partner of the National College and the Teaching Agency he is now working closely with outstanding schools to support system leadership at regional and national levels. Experience working in schools, local authorities, as a school improvement consultant, National College facilitator for LPSH and as an Ofsted registered inspector.

Askel Veur

  • Corporate Member for the Diocese of Truro Board of Education.

Keith Howdle - Member

  • Keith Howdle has enjoyed over 40 years working in education as a teacher and subsequently 5 successful primary headships of schools facing difficulty.
  • Keith has worked across Cornwall and latterly at Sebright in Hackney. He has successfully managed mergers of larger schools into one organisation and worked as an educational consultant to bring about the best outcomes for children.

Dr. John Squires - Member

  • John has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the university sector. John has overseen large scale acquisitions and mergers between colleges, polytechnics and universities, latterly as Deputy Vice Chancellor of Salford University. John has used his skill in strategic planning and financial planning to ensure the highest performing terms are in place to achieve the best outcomes for students’ futures.

Jeremy Alder - Trust Secretary

Adrian Massey - Chief Executive

  • Experienced Primary Headteacher.
  • Accredited Ofsted Inspector.
  • Experience of leading a school from G4 Serious Weaknesses to G1 Outstanding, also leading current school from G3 to G2 with Outstanding features.
  • School improvement consultant.

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