Bridge Schools Trust

A determined community of schools and teams, we know the power of working together. Through central support, individual spirit and a sharing culture, we navigate every challenge to put learning first. From 23 pupils to over 400, Bridge Schools Trust is home to schools of all shapes and sizes across Cornwall, and we tailor our support for each.

Through central resources, as well as educational and operational expertise, we introduce consistency while liberating leaders to do what they do best. Understand their school and harness its strengths to create a learning environment where pupils fly high.

Since we started working as a Trust in 2013, we’ve grown to include 14 schools. And, we’ve put in our all to get where we are today. Graft. Concern, Commitment. They fuel a trusted and respected approach we all value and believe in.

The challenges along this journey have made us stronger, showing us where we need to adapt and improve. Which always comes down to the same thing. Working ever better together in a connected, caring community built on dedication and trust.

That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us Bridge.

Our Vision

A family of schools built on dedication and trust, working together to put learning first.

Our Values...



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Our Aims

  • Growing a community of schools, built on financial stability, where pupils live our Trust values each day.
  • Nurturing aspiration for every pupil, through inspiring teaching and a creative curriculum.
  • Harnessing the power of working together in leadership and teaching, built on reflective and rigorous professional development.
  • Developing hubs of learning excellence that we can share with others.
  • Bringing parents and carers in our local communities closer to pupil learning.

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